Juventus pass Livorno lead Serie temporarily

Juventus moved up temporarily to the top of Serie A football stadium by winning away to Livorno two straight on Sunday in the third stage ten of the competition.
And provide the star Spanish international Fernando Llorente goal by Juventus in the 63rd minute, after a deficit panel for access to the net throughout the events of the first half, and a quarter of an hour from the end, added the Argentine striker international Carlos Tevez's second goal for Juventus, lifting Juve tally to 34 points to climb to the top three behind points in front of the former leader of Rome, which he could regain the top of Serie A with a win at home to Cagliari on Monday, while stuck Livorno at 12 points, and the rest of the matches, beat Sampdoria at home to Lazio 1/0 and Udinese at home to Fiorentina 1/0 also in Turin, home to crush Catania 4/1 and Sassuolo won at home to Atalanta 2/0.

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