Messi: "a tough injury but quiet and I'll be back in January"

Speaking to Barcelona star Lionel Messi in this dialogue, which singled out by the Radio "Metro 951" about his injury and his compatriot Gerardo Martino Barcelona coach, did not hide the "Flea" difficult injury that he suffered and stressed that he hoped to return soon and stronger than it was,
Also dealt with some things in his personal style and tendencies of his son Thiago interest in football .Recently raised considerable debate about the future with Barcelona , is it true that you thought to leave Albarsa ?Frankly , a lot of things being said in this regard , but no one can come out to deny everything because you will develop insane.Are you concerned about the injury suffered by which Ibadtk from competition for a period is short ?No, I'm quiet for that matter , it is true they are injured difficult because it kept me out of action for a long time , but the injury unusual for me as a football player , I think I 'll be okay in the month of January next , and then I'll be ready when I used to do before.
You seem to be happy with the achievements of the Argentina team?

Sure, I'm very happy with what team has achieved the outstanding results in the World Cup qualifiers, in the past, I feel sad about all the failure of him but we are fine now, but now has qualified for the World Cup, we will work to improve our performance both in terms of physical and technical in order to be ready.

Who will win the World Cup for Argentina add?

I think the favorites to win the Cup are Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, for us, we hope to achieve the title in Brazil, and we have exceeded competitors such as Spain, Germany and Brazil.

Speaking of Argentina , what do you think is doing with Tata Martino with Albarsa ?Tata Martino amazing person , Apart from being a coach and what he knew about football , I saw what he had done when he was coach of Paraguay , as well as with club Newell's Old Boys , frankly, it is a stunning and confirmed that after more feet to Barcelona .Do you wish your son to be a football player ?Tiago very intelligent kid , I think he uses his right foot , at first used his left foot and then began to use both legs , but with the passage of time began to use his right foot more .Do you think he loves football and walking on Mnwalk ?I do not know , frankly , if you take Ginata it is natural that loves football , but if you do not take her there is nothing wrong , however I think it would be a good player , if I do what you Btejearh between the doll and playing the ball , it always picks the ball .After the end of each meeting we notice that the players are competing always request your shirt , how to behave then?
I have Qmissan Bastbdulhma after the end of each meeting, because I sometimes do I distribute an extra shirt as a gift, of course, that if she can get it from the team responsible for clothes.

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