Vettel beats in Brazil and achieve their ninth straight win

Achieved the German driver Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull on Sunday, their ninth straight win in the current season of world championship racing F1 after superiority over all his rivals in the final race of the season through the Brazilian Grand Prix ..
It is noteworthy that Vettel had won before a world title for F1 racing cars for the fourth time in a row . But today succeeded in a record-equaling legend Michael Schumacher and the goal of achieving 13 victories during a single season in 2004.He succeeded Vettel , the youngest driver in history to win the world title four times in a row , to go beyond the finish line on the Interlagos racetrack in Sao Paulo , ahead of team-mate Australian Mark Webber , who bade farewell to today's world of F1 .Vettel said Red Bull over the radio : " I will remember it , enjoy the moment . Yes, I've done it , this is incredible ."Vettel and just record for Italian Alberto Ascari , who won nine races in a row , over two seasons between 1952 and 1953 .Vettel said : "I am very sad for the end of the season , the car was fantastic and was better than the last race ."Solving Fernando Alonso of Ferrari was third , followed by Jenson Button McLaren in fourth place , followed by Nico Rosberg driver of the Mercedes in fifth place and then Sergio Perez McLaren in sixth place, followed by Felipe Massa of Ferrari in seventh place and Nico Hlknberg driver Sauber in eighth place , followed by Lewis Mercedes driver Hamilton in ninth place and then Daniel Rekerlardo Toro Rosso driver in tenth place .
After finishing second in today's race and Webber climbed to third place in the overall standings of the drivers behind Vettel and Alonso, while Hamilton dropped to fourth place.

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